Are You Ready to Look at Display Homes?

Save yourself some time before you begin, by making sure you understand the lay of your land completely.

12 Nov 2020

Apart from the birth of your children and perhaps your wedding day, it’s hard to imagine a more exciting time than building your own home. Every aspect is exciting, from the moment you discover The Junction to choosing your land and, of course, selecting your home design and builder.

But while you may feel at ease with those first few steps, sifting through the mountain of options when choosing a home design can be exhausting. Many won’t work for your family, many will not be within your budget, and many simply won’t fit comfortably on your land.

The easy solution is to pick a House & Land package. That way you know exactly what you’re getting for your money, and that your home will suit your land perfectly.

But if you want to shop around, you can save yourself some time before you begin looking by making sure you understand the lay of your land.

Your choice of home design will, to a large extent, be determined by your block. The dimensions of your land will determine the size and shape of your home’s footprint; the orientation will influence the position of windows and awnings; and an easement, if any, will affect where your house can be positioned.

Then there are The Junction’s Design Guidelines to consider. They’re important and will impact things like your home’s setback from the street and garden design. Remember, our design guidelines are there to make sure every home at The Junction meets the high standards our community demands.

Knowing all this before you start exploring display homes means you won’t waste time looking at designs that simply won’t work on your block. Try talking to a range of builders and giving them a brief that includes details about your land:

  • – The dimensions
  • – The street frontage
  • – Any easements
  • – The gradient (if it’s a sloping block)
  • – The orientation

Also, include other relevant details:

  • – The Junction Design Guidelines
  • – The number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc, that you want
  • – How much space you want for a garden or backyard
  • – And – most importantly – your budget.

The builders can then do the work for you, presenting you with home design options that are right for your block – and for the needs of your family. Visiting their display homes will be even more exciting, knowing that each one is a genuine contender.

For an introduction to our trusted building partners, call our Estate Manager Daniel on 0497 111 722.

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