Perfectly Imperfect – The Beauty of Irregular Lots

Discover the many fabulous benefits of building your dream home on land that’s shaped differently to the usual rectangular box.

19 Feb 2021

In an exclusive development like The Junction, the subdivision of land into individual lots is determined to a large extent by the surrounding landscape. The meandering future parklands and wetlands that run through our community combined with surrounding future development make the Junction uniquely desirable, and they also create some interesting lot shapes.

Mostly, home buyers seem to prefer a straightforward rectangle rather than irregularly shaped land. This might be because the building process seems most approachable this way. But find a builder who will put a little thought into your home design, and an irregular block can provide many, many fabulous benefits.

For a start, irregular blocks are often larger and cheaper, so they’re better value. And, when we consider The Junction in particular, lots in Stage 4A are situated in one of the best spots in the whole community! This release includes a handful of irregularly shaped lots, each perfectly positioned within walking distance of future parklands, cycling paths and childcare centre!

Irregular lots can also offer bigger yards and gardens, so features like swimming pools and multiple alfresco areas are more easily accommodated. This makes them a great choice for families who are after a little extra space.

You can generally position the house in a way that maximises the available natural light. And lastly, resale value improves when your home stands out because it offers something that other homes don’t.

In fact, unless your heart is set on a home design that simply won’t work on anything other than a symmetrical lot, it’s hard to think of a reason why you wouldn’t buy an irregular lot.

The key is to work with a builder that’s experienced at delivering beautiful and functional homes that maximise the potential of the land, regardless of the shape. Get in touch on 0497 111 722 and we’ll introduce you to some of the best, and show you some of the perks of an irregular lot at The Junction!

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