The Latest Construction Progress at The Junction

As construction continues on our community, things at The Junction are really taking shape!

15 Dec 2020

Although this year was filled with much uncertainty and many challenges, we’re pleased to report the last few months have been quite productive indeed. So, we thought we would share what we’ve been up to recently in a little pre-Christmas construction update!Construction Progress at The Junction

For our future residents in Stage 1 and 2, Earthworks are now officially complete. If you have popped by to see your lot, you will have noticed we have stripped and compacted the topsoil over the road and lot areas. We have also finished the installation of sewer and drainage pipes. And last but not least, recycled and potable water (drinking water) reticulation works have been completed and connected to existing infrastructure.

Now, we move onto the next step of the construction process, Road Boxing, Kerb and Channel! That means the concrete formwork will be laid for your street, with asphalt to soon follow!

As for our wonderful Stage 3 residents, construction is due to commence on your stage in the New Year, with titles expected by June/July 2021.

Be sure to visit our MyJunction portal, which allows you to stay up to date with real time progress on your stage!

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