Meet Our 100th Buyer

After a huge year for The Junction, we’re proud to announce that we have finally hit our 100th Buyer! The precinct is really starting to take shape with new families joining the community and unparalleled amenities being built every day.

13 Jul 2021

We thought we’d introduce you to the person who helped us hit this huge milestone and let them tell you a bit more about their story.

Tarryn Gourley is the lucky resident who has purchased LOT 508, choosing the estate because it’s where she grew up. Growing up in Botanic Ridge, Tarryn knew how great the area was, and how incredible its overall surroundings would be as it continued to expand.

“I grew up in the original Botanic Ridge stage and I found it a peaceful and lovely place to live,” said TarrynI love how close it is to shops, public transport, freeways, and my work, yet it seems like a hidden gem away from everything.”

With stage titling on the horizon, Tarryn is most looking forward to meeting her community and taking in the nature that surrounds the estate, as well as enjoying the estate itself.

“The thing that set ‘The Junction’ aside from the rest was the actual layout of the estate” Tarryn describes. “The convenient location to everything that surrounds, and the idea of having nature at your door is what really sold me.

“This being my first home, I knew how important it was to have a great location with everything I needed at my fingertips. The fact that I could also choose my own house design and builder for when the building process begins when the land titles made this whole process super exciting!”


From everyone at The Junction, we want to welcome our newest member to the community. We’re so grateful to have 100 people here already, and we’re looking forward to more joining us!

There are hundreds of reasons to buy at The Junction, what will yours be? To become part of The Junctions thriving community, enquire today or call our Estate Manager Chris on 0497 111 722.


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